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Sustainably grown

with a purpose


The Salad Bowl Clothing Co. was inspired by the Salinas Valley, a beautiful place known for many things, especially its agricultural contributions worldwide. Growing up there I knew it was a special spot - but it wasn't until I relocated to Southern California that I realized just how remarkable it was. And decades later, it still feels like home and I feel a sense of calm with every visit - the familiar earthy smells and colors, the incredible light against the hillsides and the vast planted fields that appear to go on forever.


In 2004 it was reported that the public libraries in the Salinas Valley - John Steinbeck country no less - may close due to a budget crisis. Fortunately they did not. However the possibility was surprising. Not just because of the area's literary heritage but because many in the community had great success farming the fertile area for generations. At the same time the farms represented opportunities for many who migrated to the area for jobs; people whose work ethic and determination were invaluable to the region’s success. And the libraries represented a refuge.  Ultimately this led to the seed of an idea.


The Salad Bowl Clothing Co. is an apparel company designed to celebrate the diversity, beauty, and importance of the region - and give a little something back. Founded on the ideals of what the “Salad Bowl of the World” represented. Sustainability. Earthiness. Family. And of course the finest produce available. Inspired from different parts of this region and its great contributions to agriculture.  Salinas Lettuce. Gilroy Garlic. Watsonville Strawberries. Greenfield Broccoli. Castroville Artichokes. Each shirt is designed with a timeless, impeccably tailored classic cut with hints of each city's history inspiring the design. Made in California of the best Supima cotton from the Central Valley of California. Constructed to last and grow more comfortable with time.


Ten percent of our company’s profits will support the communities' local libraries and the United Farm Worker’s of America. It's our small way to acknowledge and to support what’s inspired us.



Father and daughter, Lance and Imogen Volland



Vizal “Sam” Samreth / The Academy Denim & Tailoring

We are a long-time admirer of Sam's talent and the Salad Bowl Clothing Co. shirts are based on his designs. They are a balance of comfort and athletic inspired construction; utilizing and rediscovering key techniques in vintage construction, a clean and timeless shape. And like everything he makes, they’re constructed to last.  We were fortunate to utilize his expertise in tailoring and graphic design in the development of our tees.


Ariel Mar / artist


Introduced to us by renowned central coast artist John Cerney (famous for creating larger than life, painted plywood figures - many in the fields of the Salinas Valley depicting farmers, farmworkers).  Ariel grew up in Salinas and has collaborated with Cerney; she now is pursuing her art living and working in Southern California.  Ariel’s line drawings of our vegetables/fruit are the cornerstone / hallmark of each design.

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