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SALINAS - Lettuce Capital of the World

A special dye inspired by the grassy, verdant hue of John Steinbeck’s first edition East of Eden, with lettering honoring the bold, diverse inhabitants that galvanize this community.


SKU: 0001
  • Tailored specifically for the Salad Bowl Clothing Co. and inspired by 1970’s vintage and classic cuts, each shirt is designed utilizing a unique pivot point application; a signature panel construction allowing for movement and strength. Made from California grown Supima cotton - a premium extra long staple fiber that represents less than 1% of all cotton grown in the world - that gives this material its premium properties of softness, strength and color retention capability. The yarn is milled and woven in California; each shirt is tailored, cut and sewn in California.

    Each shirt’s color, logo and graphics are inspired by the region that inspired us. We hope that like the premium produce that nourishes season after season, Salad Bowl Clothing Co. t-shirts become staples of your wardrobe.

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